Wednesday, January 12, 2011

101 in 1001

I have been inspired by the blog phenomenon of 101 in 1001. Here's the deets...

The Challenge: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Why 1001 Days? Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities.

Start date: January 8, 2011 End date: October 4, 2013
UPDATE: Technically the list ended, but I've done a few of these since then, so will keep updating until I start a new list!

I will mark them bold and add details as I complete them! In no particular order…

1. take photos of all 101 in 1001 (8/101)

2. pay off one credit card

3. buy flowers for someone
December 2011, I bought flowers for Sofia and sent them to her work (after managing to break her toe the weekend before while we were out dancing. Oops!)

4. audition for a company I never have before
I applied for the COC chorus...awaiting to see if I get an audition, but it counts in my eyes.

5. go kayaking
Joined the lovely Mrs. Jantje Vandertol-Zathureczky on Rolley Lake July 08 2012. SO FUN!

6. kayak the broken islands

7. run a 5k
Although technically past the end date, I completed the Color Me Rad 5K on October 5, 2013, closing out a pretty good couple of years.

8. sing a new role
Mercedes in Carmen (VanCoCo) 2011/01/08

9. learn to knit
The lovely and talented Melanie Krueger took me to her fave wool shoppe and hooked me up with the basics. Back at her place, she got me started on a lovely scarf over ciders. Will post pic when complete. Fun times, but I think the blanket is a long way off. (2011/04/02)

10. knit something useful/cool
Finally finished the scarf mentioned above, and my friend Cindi helped to turn it into an infinity scarf. Looking forward to enjoying it this winter! (Feb 2013)

11. direct a show that isn’t my own
June 2012 I directed Gianni Schicchi for the Opera Project's OperaKLASS!!! Photo by Kathryn Nickford.

12. take my nephew to a show
So cool...we went to Raffi in October 2012

13. go camping with my brother

14. go snowshoeing
Went with three fantastically patient friends Jan 13 2013 on a gloriously sunny day and enjoyed a good 25% of it, which is all that could be expected really, what with all the lining up and the uphill climbing.

15. watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
Woke up at 5am, drove to the east coast of Oahu with my dad to watch the sunrise, and watched the sunset in the water at Waikiki with my mom and dad. 2011/10/13

16. have an open house and invite my neighbors
Technically didn't have an open house, but did invite neighbours to a family dinner, and now have become friends with LSquared!

17. take a massage course

18. appropriate a massage table or chair

19. get paid to give a massage
Miss Christina Lewall paid me in wine AND cash for a relaxation "massage" (which technically I'm not allowed to say because I'm not an RMT) and Reiki session. She loved it, and I loved doing it, so would like to try to grow a client base!

20. go swimming 10 times in a month
2011/08/20 in Dutch Lake, 2011/08/21 in Lake of the Woods, 2011/08/31 at Shipwreck beach. 2011/10/08 to 2011/10/15 Waikiki vacation, went swimming eleven times.

21. take a graphic design course

22. appropriate a guitar
There is now a guitar in the home (2011/11)

23. learn to play three songs on the guitar
On the girls' getaway in Tofino, I learned D, A, A7, E, G, and almost got C down...that led to a little Margaritaville, Amazing Grace, Let it Be and more! None are very pretty yet, but I did it! (2012/02/04)

24. bake muffins from scratch
Banana nut muffins for the ladies on our last morning in Tofino (2012/02/06)

25. do my taxes
In process...quite the process.

26. get rid of my paperwork boxes (aka go through and organize)
90% complete. Aunty Lynda came over and we ploughed through 8 boxes. Just some final re-org to do, and it's complete. (2011)

27. get new headshots
Had a studio photo shoot with Danny Kilroe of (2011/02/12) and will be doing an outdoor shoot this coming week.

28. travel to the east coast

29. buy a stranger coffee

30. walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge
Decided to do the Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge instead because it was FREE! April 2012

31. get a tattoo

32. host a family dinner

33. get my car detailed
The lovely Rhea traded a ticket for Mumford and Sons for cleaning my car, and the job she did certainly counts as detailing in my books! (April 2013)

34. go surfing

35. get a new bedframe
Got a frame and headboard Oct 2013

36. put dust ruffle on box spring
Did it for the housewarming (2011/12/10)

37. paint a large canvas
My gift to Rhea - we painted a canvas for her living room at Christmas 2013.

38. help Mom garden
Mother's Day we went to several shops and picked up some flowers, headed back to their house and moved all the pots around and planted all the baskets for over the fence. (2011/05/08)

39. attend a ballet
Jan 24 2013, the ever lovely Tracy joined me in an evening of Encore with Ballet BC. Three pieces were done, and though I wasn't particularly fond of the first one (musically or visually), I LOVED the last piece, Petite Ceremonie, choreographed by Medhi Walerski and originally created for Ballet BC in 2011.

40. research a celebration or ritual from another culture
I recently did some reading about the celebration of colour called Holi...Now I need to find somewhere to throw colour at people! (Fall 2012)

41. attend a celebration or ritual from another culture

42. win something cool
Oh.Em.Gee. I just won tix to Of Monsters and Men private show at the Peak! Wahoooooo! (2012/03/25)

43. fly a kite
on roadtrip to Oregon, shipwrech beach AND Indian beach. Buttercup the Butterfly kite. (2011/08/31)

44. ride on a motorcycle

45. volunteer with a new organization
Salvation Army. I volunteered as their choir director for several rehearsals and the Easter Sunday service at the New Westminster Citadel. (2011/04/24)

46. make perogies from scratch

47. have a Dine Out Vancouver dinner

48. spend a day playing tourist in my own city
Woke up at the Hotel Vancouver, late coffee on the patio of Cafe Artigiano with friends, a bit of shopping, lunch on the patio of Cafe Crepe with more friends, a pedicure in Yaletown, watched a Canucks playoff game at the Commodore with yet more friends, and fell asleep in a bed of clouds at the Hotel Vancouver. (2011/05/21)

49. take a yoga class
Hatha Yoga at Trinity United with Katherine Landry (2011/01/11, 2011/01/18) Yoga 101 at Kula Yoga (2011/02 to 2011/03)

50. meditate at the beach

51. rent a cabin
Fabulous weekend away with the ladies...Cabin 24 at Crystal Cove was PERFECT and LUXURIOUS! (2012/02/03-2012/02/06 returned 2013/01/25-2013/01/28)

52. plant a mini-garden

53. participate in a clothing exchange
Well, it wasn't happening, so I made it happen. Hosted the Curvy Clothing Exchange, had 8 ladies ranging across the plus sizes, and everyone went home with something new to them and feeling fabulous. "Why hello, yonder pretty things!" was the quote of the night. Jan 16 2013.

54. create a promo packet (I can't tell you how many of you have read this one wrong. Dirty.)

55. update my personal .com site
Technically, I have done this, but it is not to my satisfaction. I want it more professional, less 'I did this myself'

56. go wine tasting at a winery

57. take transit to work for 1 month
Starting in mid-Spring 2011, I have taken the skytrain everyday to work. It's amazing what a tight budget can help you accomplish!

58. read 10 classic novels (1/10)
1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (completed 2011/03/26)

59. redecorate my bedroom
The lovely Misses Kerri, Anna and April and Mr Brad all surprised me with a makeover for my birthday June 2012

60. make a new friend
Became friends with several lovely ladies who impress me to no end - Jenn, Karen, Layla and Laura.

61. date a guy who makes me swoon
No need to kiss and tell, but this guy maks me swoon every time he's near me.

62. go to an outdoor movie
Went to the Twilight Drive-in with my cardate Cindi-lou for Darren's birthday. Ate so much popcorn and nibs that I almost puked. We watched The Green Lantern and Hangover II, but left before the last movie started because it was so fricking cold. Damn you, Junuary! (2011/06/25) Also went to Back to the Future with Miss Cindi-lou at Rocky Point Park (2011/07)

63. buy all new underwear
One of my fave stores online had a huge sale. Sale = lots of new underpants! Hoorah! (July 2012)

64. watch all best picture nominees before the Oscars (6/9)
The Artist, The Descendants, Midnight in Paris, The Help, War Horse, The Tree of Life. Still to watch: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Hugo, and Moneyball. I have until Feb 26, 2012. I can do it.

65. walk a dog
Walked my beloved Jessie (2011/02/03 and 2011/03/17-18 and 2011/04/23)

66. donate 5 singing lessons to a good cause (0/5)

67. apply for a new day job
2011/12/22. We'll see what comes of it.

68. attend a Canucks game
Club Seats. They bring your food and drink to you! Row 18 Section 107 on the blue line. Awesome. 2012/03/14

69. attend a roller derby game
May 5 2012 attended a double header with Miss Rhea at Minoru Arena. So fun!

70. declutter – regift, donate or toss 101 items
I definitely hit that number after the recent clothing exchange. I got rid of many an item, and only took in a choice few.

71. send 10 letters, postcards or packages to friends/family (0/10)

72. swim in the sea
Technically didn't do much swimming, but definitely waded in the warm Pacific Ocean in Mazatlan (2011/03/19 to 2011/03/26). But DID swim on roadtrip to Oregon at Shipwreck Beack with the lovely Miss Kayla (2011/08/31) and multiple times in Hawaii (2011/10)

73. fall in love again
Yep. Hard.

74. try 10 new recipes (10/10)
1. Chicken in mushroom sauce (2011/02) 2. Banana nut muffins (2012/02) 3. Baked Chicken Flautas 4. Roasted corn, Tomato and Avocado salad 5. Honey Mustard baked chicken 6. Romano mashed potatoes 7. Zucchini and Carrot fries 8. Holy Yum Chicken 9. Panko Zucchini Cakes 10. Parmesan Garlic Quinoa
75. take a burlesque-style dance class

76. have a gown custom made for me

77. go horseback riding

78. donate blood
I went to a clinic with the lovely April Wright, who sadly has had too many vacations so was unable to donate herself, but she was very supportive. It actually wasn't so bad. A+. (2012/07/08)

79. fly in the cockpit of a plane
took a nightflight with Mr. Dirk and watched the sunset over downtown Vancouver at 2000ft. Could be so romantic...his wife is missing out! (2011/09/04)

80. go to a jazz club

81. go on a road trip to a music festival/concert
Ani Difranco at the Showbox in Seattle with the lovely Cindi Mercer at the wheel. I was navigator (without a map or GPS, I might add) and DJ. (2011/04/16)

82. go stormwatching in Tofino
EPIC FAIL! Sun the WHOLE time! Damnit I'll have to return ;)
I returned, and we drove through a storm, then more gorgeous weather. EPIC FAIL, but good attempt.

83. reconnect with 5 friends I haven’t seen in over a year (5/5)
1. Met up with Todd Delaney, who's in town from Toronto. Went for lunch all decked out from our auditions for VOA and he even brought me flowers! (2011/02/14) 2. Stayed with the lovely Cindy Koistinen and the dashing Gil Anderson on my layover in Edmonton en route to Mazatlan. A fun evening of wine and cheese and laughter! Technically two friend reconnects, but as they're in the same house, that feels like cheating. (2011/03/18)3. Stopped by Hell's Kitchen only to discover my old friend Sean Gregory now owns it. And he was there. Even bought me a beer. (2011/06/10) 4. My beloved Elio came into town for a visit to my new digs and the Crucible 10 year reunion. It was so good to hang out again, and he was a perfect houseboy for the roommate and me. (2011/11/10) 5. Met up with Brittany Hull from camp days. For lunch. It was good times. (2012)

84. buy an item of clothing from a local designer
Got me a couple items from Echo Rain! (2011/12/23)

85. find out my credit score
I did it - got my credit report and score. I was shocked to see that it's on the verge of very good! Yay me! (2011/10/25)

86. collect an earthquake preparedness kit
I now have one for work, but am working on one for at home and in my car.

87. get renter’s insurance

88. make out with a handsome man on the beach
I say the cliffs above the beach count ;) (2011/02/12)

89. have a session with a personal trainer

90. visit the dentist

91. get my teeth whitened

92. wear my mouth guard every night for a month (31/31)
March 2011

93. try ten new restaurants in town (10/10)
1. Helm (1180 Howe) 2011/01/08 Ordered the chick pea fries. They were gross. Also the Champagne and raspberry puree. That was delish. 2. Eight 1/2 (151 E. 8th) 2011/01/17 Pesto Shrip Pizza and a sleeve of R&B Lager. Super tasty and a good vibe (plus great company...thanks Kruegerova!) 3. Barney's on Main (2528 Main) 2011/01/30 Mushroom, asparagus, tomato and gouda omlette. Delish! And the waitress was hilarious. 4. Crave (3941 Main) 2011/04/22 Smoked salmon croissant with sundried tomato scramble. So tasty. Staff was friendly enough but service was slow. Didn't care because I was in good company. 5. Burgoo on Main 2011/06/09 Cup of crab bisque, BLTCA with grains and greens salad and a giant glass of sangria. Super tasty. Need to spend some time on that patio PRONTO!6. Libra Room 2011/09/15 Pinot Grigio aside Ahi Tuna with wilted spinach. Lovely food and in the company of the lovely Melanie Krueger. And there was a guy playing piano. 7. Skyline in Tinseltown 2011/11/04 Granville Island Pale Ale and chicken souvlaki. Beer tasted cheap, like they had switched it out, the food took forever to show up but was DELICIOUS, even for standard fare. 8. Locus on Main 2011/11/06 Red Truck Pale Ale and Crispy tofy in tomato chili sauce with asparagus over jasmine rice. Good, but not worth $19, and not a lot of flavour. 9. Verace Pizzeria on Keefer Pizza Funghi. Delicious, true Naples-style pizza. Great company, and Mark picked up the tab! 10. Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie on Keefer 2011/12/15 Sticky rice, pea tips, tofu skins, duck wontons and a delicious drink akin to a Whiskey Sour. Accompanied once again by the lovely Melanie Krueger.

94. see the Northern Lights

95. go to a live comedy show
April's Birthday celebrations, went to Lafflines (2011/03/11)

96. do 5 random acts of kindness (2/5)
1. 2011/06/17 Picked up a hitchhiker late in the rainy evening on my way home from a visit with Rhea. There's a strong possibility she was 'working' at the time, but no cash changed hands and she seemed grateful for the ride nonetheless. 2. Turned around to jump start someone stranded on the side of the street with the lovely Russell Cripps.

97. record a demo

98. renew my passport
It was ready for pickup on June 29th for a road trip June 30th. Guess who forgot to pick it up? Still, it has been renewed.

99. reach a weight that starts with a 1 instead of a 2

100. floss everyday for a month (0/31)

101. fill my wine rack with delicious wine (4/4)
The rack has been full for over a month, despite much wine drinking. Success!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Awesome Things...or ahsum thngz

My brother recently posted his Top 5 Awesome Things list, which has not only awakened in me a new love of lolcatz*, but also inspired me to make my own list. Let me tell you, it is pretty tough to come up with only five awesome things. And THE five awesomest at that. I keep the option of changing this list at any time open**.

5. Skinny Days
Getting dressed one morning, looking in the mirror, and realizing that the outfit I have on makes me look four sizes smaller – super awesome. Do I really look any different from any other day? Probably not, but that isn’t what matters. It’s that I feel smaller. Because then I feel sexier, more powerful, cheekier, and all-round pretty damn good.

4. Grande 3 pump soy no water tazo chai tea latte
Everyone mocks me for this drink. Every time I order it, I get a look, a snicker, or outright mocking. Half the time, I have to repeat the drink to the barista. However, the moment it touches my lips, my day improves. It is the perfect drink.

3. Surprise Gifts
Last Friday, on the first day of Spring, I was given a bouquet of tulips, some chocolates, and a bottle of wine. Just because it was the first day of Spring and my colleagues like me. How much does that rock? It rocks a lot.

2. Men’s Volleyball
For anyone who has never spent a summer afternoon at Kits beach, sitting against a log in the sunshine, watching any of the matches going on, you have not yet lived life. This is limited entirely to beach volleyball, because one of the rules is no shirts. I mean, I haven’t seen the rulebook, but I’m pretty sure…

1. Applause
I freaking love it. I may act all shy and bashful, but let me tell you, inside I’m soaking it all in; it’s one of the main reasons for performing, and don’t let any singer or actor tell you differently. I group any accolades under this heading (hoots, hollering, gushing), but applause sums it up best. We’re talking real applause here, not the sarcastic kind you get in a restaurant when you drop a dish and it smashes on the tile floor.

*Although I find captions involving cat and dog pictures humorous, I still do not get and cannot stand lolspeak. Except for writing ‘kitty’ as ‘kitteh’ because I hear it with Cartman’s voice. That's just plain funny.

**Other things I almost replaced this list with while writing: an ice cold Granville Island Winter Ale, Holiday Mondays, Campfires, Relaxation Massages, The First Shower After Camping, Bounce Dryer Sheets…

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bad Friend...

I am getting very excited about Ian's birthday party this weekend. I'm not sure why I'm so excited about someone else's party, but I'm guessing it's because I'm a bad friend.

Let me explain.

The life of a singer is all or nothing. I often profess to be unwilling to give up rest of my life to devote myself to being a singer. In actuality, when I have a gig - or am preparing for one - it often takes over my life. Because of my dearly beloved day job (I am a cog in the machine) I am usually away from home from 7:30am to 11pm daily during a show. It leads little time for friends, family and hygeine, and some things must take precedence. So I am a bad friend. I don't answer emails, I don't answer phone messages, and I'm available in person in a very limited capacity. My friends are fabulous and understand they probably won't see me much for long stretches of time, and still love me when I pop out of the woodwork. But that doesn't make me a better friend.

And now, at the end of March, after recouping from a busy winter season for a month or so, I feel as though I'm just coming out of hibernation and ready to start visiting with the world. So I'm pretty excited about a big birthday bash that isn't even mine, because there will be lots of fun and lovely people. And wine. And a hot optional.