Thursday, March 26, 2009

Awesome Things...or ahsum thngz

My brother recently posted his Top 5 Awesome Things list, which has not only awakened in me a new love of lolcatz*, but also inspired me to make my own list. Let me tell you, it is pretty tough to come up with only five awesome things. And THE five awesomest at that. I keep the option of changing this list at any time open**.

5. Skinny Days
Getting dressed one morning, looking in the mirror, and realizing that the outfit I have on makes me look four sizes smaller – super awesome. Do I really look any different from any other day? Probably not, but that isn’t what matters. It’s that I feel smaller. Because then I feel sexier, more powerful, cheekier, and all-round pretty damn good.

4. Grande 3 pump soy no water tazo chai tea latte
Everyone mocks me for this drink. Every time I order it, I get a look, a snicker, or outright mocking. Half the time, I have to repeat the drink to the barista. However, the moment it touches my lips, my day improves. It is the perfect drink.

3. Surprise Gifts
Last Friday, on the first day of Spring, I was given a bouquet of tulips, some chocolates, and a bottle of wine. Just because it was the first day of Spring and my colleagues like me. How much does that rock? It rocks a lot.

2. Men’s Volleyball
For anyone who has never spent a summer afternoon at Kits beach, sitting against a log in the sunshine, watching any of the matches going on, you have not yet lived life. This is limited entirely to beach volleyball, because one of the rules is no shirts. I mean, I haven’t seen the rulebook, but I’m pretty sure…

1. Applause
I freaking love it. I may act all shy and bashful, but let me tell you, inside I’m soaking it all in; it’s one of the main reasons for performing, and don’t let any singer or actor tell you differently. I group any accolades under this heading (hoots, hollering, gushing), but applause sums it up best. We’re talking real applause here, not the sarcastic kind you get in a restaurant when you drop a dish and it smashes on the tile floor.

*Although I find captions involving cat and dog pictures humorous, I still do not get and cannot stand lolspeak. Except for writing ‘kitty’ as ‘kitteh’ because I hear it with Cartman’s voice. That's just plain funny.

**Other things I almost replaced this list with while writing: an ice cold Granville Island Winter Ale, Holiday Mondays, Campfires, Relaxation Massages, The First Shower After Camping, Bounce Dryer Sheets…

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